Cycore is a graphics software company, focused on the Internet, headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden. Cycore was founded in 1996 by a group of creative engineers, led by Jerry Pettersson.

Cycore is the leader in interactive 3D graphics software for e-business. The company specializes in the development of 3D technologies for e-business and has offices in France, Germany, North America and Asia.

Cult3D®, the fastest software rendering engine in the world, is a product visualization application used on Web sites, in Microsoft Office® documents and in Adobe Acrobat® files. Users can spin, zoom and explore a Cycore Cult3D model to view and understand a product from any perspective - all with the click of a mouse.

Cycore has won several awards for its products including "Best Internet Software" category for 'PC Week's' Best of Comdex awards at Fall Comdex '98. In 1999, Cycore was awarded the coveted European Information Society Technologies (IST) Prize.

As a tool for efficient handling of 3D Data, Cult3DŽ Designer is today well-known all around the world. The recognized software logo is representing many years of high-quality research and development in the 3D field.